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Tue Apr 23 11:25:34 MDT 1996

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996 12:43:37 +1000 (EST), Gary MacLennan
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>Of course Marxists are willing to discuss such phenomena.  Most of the
>political economists have been driven off this list by the great PCP plague,
>but for months there was exhaustive and exhausting discussion about such
>matters.  Look in the archives.
>What no Marxist wants to do here is to debate with you when you wave your
>little GDP statistic around as ultimately proof that "China is being saved".
>Your words, oh twit.

Really.  Why not?  Are you claiming then that you only want to hear
evidence in favor of Marxism on this list, and that if I bring up any
evidence that makes a counterclaim I am just wasting my time?  Now
Gina brought up an interesting rebuttal to my claim about capitalism
and China, and I have responded to her counterclaim and await any
response she might give me.

I would think Marxists would generally be interested in discussing
this sort of economic data.  As a 'capitalist' I can think of several
basic arguments one could have made against my claim that capitalism
was saving China, but instead you merely called me an 'idiot.'

Since I assume, as a Marxist, you are also a dialectic, I don't see
how you can say you are going to talk about Marxism *without*
discussing capitalism.


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