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On Mon, 22 Apr 1996 01:06:49 -0500, Joseph Koenigsman
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>To that, I can only say, horse puckey! Every time I go into J.S. Penney's or Sears, and
>see $300 to $500 leather jackets, made from cheap, or slave labor in China, I get ill.

So do I.

>To some, what's going on in China, since they let capitalists in, is not a great thing.
>The pseudo-capitalistic enterprises, are no more than exploitation of Chinese workers,
>and a screwing of the American consumers.

The first part (the exploitation of Chinese workers) I can agree with,
but the second part?  How are American consumers getting screwed other
than by participating in a system of slave labor, etc., etc.

> It's a betrayal of the ideas of Marx, and a
>"selling out" of the Chinese people. China's GDP may seem to be improving, but it really

In what way is the Chinese model a betrayal of Marx's ideas?

>I'll discuss it. But, I think Brian left a letter off when he talks about China's
>increase in per capita GDP. It should be GDPN  "As long as a few can get rich, who cares
>about the poor. GDPN - Give the Damn Poor Nothing!"

Whereas the Marxist counterpart would seem to be, "As long as the
'rich' also starve, who cares if the poor starve?"


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