GDP and grain production in China

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>  The so called capitalist enterprises, being
>conducted in China today, do nothing to help the Chinese people as a whole. The pseudo
>capitalists a--holes betray their own people, and a socialist system, that brought end
>to 3,000 years of vile totalitarian exploitation, that existed from the Shang to the
>Manchus dynsty in 1912; and which continued, until Ciang Kai-shek was driven from China.

The Chinese Communists are represenative of the worst forms of
totalitarian exploitation.  They're hardly any different than the
empires which you disdain, except that they're more brutal.

>  Even in the U.S., the GDP is false. In the U.S. 80 percent of the wealth is owned by
>20 percent of the population, which makes up the "true capitalist class"; and controlled
>by 5 percent of the capitalists, who are the super rich.

This is true, but irrelevant.  The claim is not that a small number of
individuals don't end up with a significant proportion of the wealth
-- this is as true in the U.S. as it is in China and as it was in the
former Soviet Union.  But capitalism encourages such rapid economic
expansion that that 20 percent of wealth owned by 80 percent of the
pouplation rapidly rises also.  And under a truly competitive system
the top 20 percent who own the bulk are regularly recycled.  Staying
on top is a bitch in a competitive system, unlike a Communist system
where you can conduct purges against those who threaten to be more


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