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Wed Apr 24 01:49:16 MDT 1996

>But as i said earlier. These grouplets are not communists, but adventurists
>who use events in Peru to attract attention to themselves! None of them
>really give a shit about the working class internationally except Luis
>maybe. And Aldolhos recent story (interveiw) presented  on the newsgroups is
>the fucking hight of egotripping. Talk about opportunism...WOW!
>Stalinism is dead. Good!

Come to think of it, Mr. Malecki, you and Quispe have a lot in common.
Quispe wanted Stalin's surviving cadres in Great Britain - the Stalin
Society elders, the old International Brigade combatants, etc., to die as
soon as possible of "prostate cancer". Isn't that sufficient "death to
Stalinism" for you to embrace him?  Since Quipe has proven to be no Maoist,
he is now looking around for Trotskysts to recruit, why don't you apply?

It seems to me that now you also want to talk "in the name of the revolution
in Peru".

However the Communist party of Peru has a program.  And even in its MINIMUM
program for the democratic revolution the PCP upholds RESPECT FOR THE ELDERLY.

Quispe swears he guides himself by the ideology of the PCP.  However he
hates the elderly flower of the proletariat who has remained loyal to the
revolution of the exploited and oppressed people, just like you Mr. Malecki.

Yours and Quispe's slogan is the old fascist slogan "Youth" (Giovinezza!)

In Peru, in the last century, we had an Anarchist and Libertarian thinker
(progressive in his day and in his own stage of development of Peruvian
intellectual life) who said a phrase that later became a banner of the APRA
party (social-democratic corporatist party in Peru):  "Youth to do the
tasks, the elderly should go their graves (Los jovenes a la obra, los viejos
a la tumba).

For us, Maoists, two line struggle's and "black vomits"  (to throw up the
real content of a man's ideology for anyone to see - if they have the guts
to look and the comradely feelings to try to help him repudiate it) is very
important, because the revolution cannot be upheld by mountebanks and
opportunists who disguise themselves.  Thts is why our "incomprehensible
squabbles" have in fact a great revolutionary content and are not squabbles
at all.  There is always a big clap of thunder, and then a gentle rain
follows.  The bourgeisie is the one breaking wind, Mr. Malecki!  And yours -
like Quispe's outburst against The Stalin Society of Great Britain - is
rather stinky too!

Best of all, it doesn't help Quispe any!

Adolfo Olaechea

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