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Wed Apr 24 08:46:40 MDT 1996

At 1:26 PM 4/23/96, Brian Carnell wrote:

>This is bizarre, considering the generally Marxist nature of most
>serious environmentalist movements (most of the truly radical ones
>favor the dismantling of capitalism after all).

You're nuts, Comrade Carnell. The mainstream environmental movement in the
U.S. is deeply capitalist. They cut deals with the Fortune 500 and the
government. The leading funders of mainstream environmentalism,
collectively known as the Environmental Grantmakers Association, are led by
Donald Ross of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Many "radical" enviros are
fundamentally misanthropic - they think that humans *are* the problem, and
only a radical reduction in our numbers (many deep ecologists think the
ideal global population would be somewhere between 100 million and 1
billion, down from the present 6-something billion) will save the earth.
This is not a Marxist view. Many radical enviros support some sort of petty
localized capitalism or artisanal production; this isn't Marxist either.

I was about to say that you should restrict your postings to matters you
know something about, but then I realized you'd have nothing to say.

>Or could it be that people just realized what a success the Soviet
>Union's environmental policy was (can someone say Chernobyl?)

Lay off this cheap trick of deflecting all criticism of capitalism by
saying the Soviets were worse! Even Jesus held this to be a lousy
rhetorical strategy.



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