marxism2 list

Wed Apr 24 12:34:18 MDT 1996

To Paul Gallagher:
     Let me add to Louis Proyect's remarks to you by
letting you know, just in case you don't, which is quite
possible, that there are now two marxism lists.  The other
one is marxism2 which you can get on the same way you got
on this one, but just say "subscribe marxism2 your e-mail
address" rather than just "marxism."  That list was recently
created by people who were formerly on this list, but who
became disgusted when this list got taken over by the
cannibalism-ignoring goon squad that worships Stalin and Mao.
     The latter consider those who left to form marxism2 to
be petit bourgeois bozos and deride that list as "the duck
pond."  However it is definitely the case that the kind of
informed, factually based, intelligent discourse to which Louis
P. referred is much more common on that list.  If that is what
you want, you might seriously consider quacking.
Barkley Rosser

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