Capitalist collectivization. (fwd)

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Wed Apr 24 12:30:09 MDT 1996

On Wed, 24 Apr 1996, boddhisatva wrote:

> 	Life under capitalism is a dirty business.


Except for the capitalists and those lucky few who have found themselves
in the right place at the right time. (What do you do for a living by the
way, Boddhisatva?)

It is hell for the campesino of Central America and hell for the small
rancher in Montana who face either eviction from the land or foreclosure from
a bank. It is hell for the blue-collar or white-collar worker in
an advanced capitalist nation who has been fired and has no prospects except
a job in a Macdonalds fast-food joint that gets its raw materials from the land
seized from a Guatemalan campesino. It is hell for the industrial
worker in a place like Jakarta or Tijuana who gets paid a penny for every
dollar of a commodity they produce on an assembly line, including
millions of child laborers.

Marxism grows out of the desire to put an end to this living hell. You
exist apparently to justify this hell as inescapable. To hell with you.

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