marxists & gay liberation

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Apr 24 14:13:28 MDT 1996

>Dialectics 101 for Adolpho:
>1) The masses are made-up of individuals...
>2) Revolution is a process that depends on the actions of the masses...
>3) (Oh, what the hell, forget it!  Bourgeois habits of thought are so
>deeply ingrained in Adolpho that it's not worth the time...)
>	Adolpho's post reminds me of the Sparts that came to a Labor
>Militant meeting last Saturday.  The Sparts lectured/harangued the two
>speakers about how to achieve "Black Liberation".  The two speakers were
>working class, African-American comrades and the main topic was the fight
>for a living wage.  Of course, the Sparts were white and petit bourgeois.
>	Adolpho has nothing useful to say to working people about
>marxism, gay liberation or anything else.
>				-- Jeff Booth

Is the criteria for being petty bourgeois in the United States a question of
color? Or are you baiting just white sparts as being petty bourgeois?

That is a new one for me. I didn,t realise that...

Wow, learn something new everyday..

I think we should throw all the anti marxist on this list back into the
lessons of October or somerthing...


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