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On Wed, 24 Apr 1996 10:46:40 -0400, dhenwood at panix.com (Doug Henwood)

>Many "radical" enviros are
>fundamentally misanthropic - they think that humans *are* the problem, and
>only a radical reduction in our numbers (many deep ecologists think the
>ideal global population would be somewhere between 100 million and 1
>billion, down from the present 6-something billion) will save the earth.
>This is not a Marxist view.

It is the Marxist result however.  Clearly Stalin and Mao were a lot
better at getting rid of human beings than we capitalists have been.

>>Or could it be that people just realized what a success the Soviet
>>Union's environmental policy was (can someone say Chernobyl?)
>Lay off this cheap trick of deflecting all criticism of capitalism by
>saying the Soviets were worse! Even Jesus held this to be a lousy
>rhetorical strategy.

The Soviets were not only worse, it was because they adopted a Marxist
system of government that inevitably led them to produce worse

In the U.S. which is nominally a capitalist country, the state is also
the biggest polluter in the nation.  The difference is we don't give
the state the sort of power the Bolsheviks gave to their state.


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