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Wed Apr 24 17:56:36 MDT 1996

>By the way, there was a demonstration today in Istanbul, the biggest city in
>Turkey, against the privatisation of health-care and education. The sponsors
>are also running a press campaign, collecting signatures in and out of

Speaking of press campaigns, there has been alot of noise here following the
recent visits of Demirel and somebody else (forgot who) to the U.S. All  the
fanfare about the emerging markets bridging east and west, Turkey being a
major trading link. The Turkish government, I take it, sees the need for
foreign investment and has responded by privatizing and decentralizing.
 I think it should tell us something that Newt Gingrich just got some award
>from the American Turkish Council.

I think during these visits they signed some treaties that will make U.S.
investment in Turkey more profitable and could make this struggle against
market liberalization more difficult. I'd like to hear more about this, the
entry into the EU and the GAP development as it involves agribusiness. What
are the potential ecological consequences of this project and what do the
workers think of it?

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