Beef and revolution in Central America

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On Wed, 24 Apr 1996 08:30:08 -0400 (EDT), Louis N Proyect
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>Louis: An absolute minimum of work is the goal under socialism. Under
>capitalism it adds up to suffering. New York banks and other financial
>institutions have managed through high technology to make profits with
>fewer people. The redundant people are suffering. You are rapturous over
>an economic model that has more in common with Brian Carnell's bloodthirsty
>libertarianism than you'd like to believe.

What are you talking about?  All you Marxists ever talk about is work,
work, work.  Personally I hate to work and would like to see the
economy expand to the point where the cost for basic goods declines to
the point where one can work only a few hours per week to obtain that
level of goods.  But when people talk about abandoning the
capitalistic model which leads to a huge expansion in productivity,
you're essentially dooming people to work in perpetuity.

It is a good thing when technology makes more goods with less people.


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