Beef and revolution in Central America

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At 9:41 AM 4/24/96, Brian Carnell wrote:

>What are you talking about?  All you Marxists ever talk about is work,
>work, work.  Personally I hate to work and would like to see the
>economy expand to the point where the cost for basic goods declines to
>the point where one can work only a few hours per week to obtain that
>level of goods.  But when people talk about abandoning the
>capitalistic model which leads to a huge expansion in productivity,
>you're essentially dooming people to work in perpetuity.
>It is a good thing when technology makes more goods with less people.

You're such a bonehead, Brian. 1) Work is an essential part of being human;
abolishing it is both impossible and undesirable. 2) Despite the massive
gains in productivity, people work longer now than they did hundreds of
years ago; early capitalism *lengthened* the workday, and recent gains at
shortening it have been reversed. Women especially are working more now
than at any time in modern history. 3) People have no option but to work to
live under capitalism, and downsizing removes their means of support,
rather than liberating them into self-development and leisure. 4) There is
no way that capitalism can translate productivity gains into more leisure;
it will require a social revolution for that to happen.

In the U.S. over the last 20 years, only 20% of the gains in productivity
have been translated into higher wages for ordinary workers; the other 80%
have gone to managers, creditors, and stockholders.



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