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Wed Apr 24 21:31:07 MDT 1996

In response to Louis' statement:

>Louis: An absolute minimum of work is the goal under socialism. Under
>capitalism it adds up to suffering. New York banks and other financial
>institutions have managed through high technology to make profits with
>fewer people. The redundant people are suffering. You are rapturous over
>an economic model that has more in common with Brian Carnell's bloodthirsty
>libertarianism than you'd like to believe.

Brian Carnell writes:

What are you talking about?  All you Marxists ever talk about is work,
work, work.  Personally I hate to work and would like to see the
economy expand to the point where the cost for basic goods declines to
the point where one can work only a few hours per week to obtain that
level of goods.  But when people talk about abandoning the
capitalistic model which leads to a huge expansion in productivity,
you're essentially dooming people to work in perpetuity.

It is a good thing when technology makes more goods with less people.

COMMENT: Why don't you actually read Marx or even a secondary source if you
find that too difficult? Marx would certainly agree that it is a good thing
when technology makes more goods with less people. Communism for Marx is
indeed a society where there is a minimum of work needed to satisfy basic needs
and produce basic commodities. Can you find some source that denies this? Why
do you say things that are so absurdly wrong? Marx also says over and over,
read the goddam COMMUNIST MANIFESTO if you don't believe me, that capitalism
is a fantastically productive system but as Louis says its very productivity
is such that it cannot be fully realised. Productivity throws people out
of work and into poorer paying jobs or the ranks of the unemployed
 while it makes
the owner of capital richer. (As another post by Louis shows underconsumption
may result from fewer employed workers and a glut in production)
The increased productivity is not used to
maximise the general welfare but the welfare of a specific class. Communism
builds on the means of production generated by capitalism(and does not destroy
these and condemn people to work)  and is the only way
in which those productive forces can be used to reach their full potential.
The reason for this is the engine of production is profit not need under
capitalism. In communist society production is based on social
requirements not the requirements of private capital.

 Cheers, Ken Hanly

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