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I spoke of the 3,000 years of vile totalitarian exploitation,
that existed from the Shang to the Manchus dynsty in 1912;
and which continued, until Ciang Kai-shek was driven from
> Brian Carnell replied:
> The Chinese Communists are represenative of the worst forms
> of totalitarian exploitation.  They're hardly any different
> than the empires which you disdain, except that they're more
> brutal.

  I don't believe Brian Carnell knows anything more about Chinese
history then he knows about Russian history. When he says, that
Chinese Communists are worse, and more brutal than the Chinese
dynasties, he speaks foolishly.

  If Brian wishes to understand what brutality, and exploitation
was, he should study the Ch'in dynasty, started by Shih Huang Ti,
that only existed in China 221 B.C. to 206 B.C. It was a real
short dynasty because the people rebelled against Shih Huang Ti's
son, as soon as Shih died in 210 B.C., and brought the Ch'in
dyansty to a bloody end in 206 B.C.!

  Shih Huang Ti was the emperor who built the great wall of China.
When he came to power in 221 B.C., he decided that all knowledge
was bad, so he sent his soldiers all around China burning every
book or writing they could find. His soldiers rounded up all the
scribes, and teachers, in China and brought them to the emperor.
When he had them all captured, Shih Huang Ti had them all thrown
in a huge pit, and he buried them alive. Shih then forced China's
peasants to build the great wall, which is 1,800 miles long. The
Chinese hated Shih Huang Ti's wall so bad, it was never mentioned
in history until Marco Polo wrote about it. If Brian wishes to
understand about totalitarianism, he should study the Ch'in rule
of China, and not make brash statements, that today's communist
rule is worse than China's dynasties.
  He should consider the fact that girl children were left to be
eaten by wild animals: women had their feet bound to keep them
small; and Chinese men were required to wear a pig tail all their
lives to show they were subservient to their overloards. And, if
any were found without the que, they were immediately killed. He
should realize that these were a few of the travisties brought to
and end by Dr. Sun Yat Sen, who was a Marxist.

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