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Thu Apr 25 01:42:14 MDT 1996

At 07:20 AM 4/24/96 +0200, Robert wrote:
>On the various maoist-PCP-solidarity groups for who (?) on this list..
>Do you really expect another answer from these pseudomarxists? The closest
>thing they have to any kind of position on this question is hate anybody who
>goes beyond the present predominating sexual values in society. However, the
>maoists do it in there macho-phallic symbol way of worshipping "power coming
>out of the barrel of the gun" ONLY! What macho unpolitical creeps they are.

thank you for your support Robert.  I followed your exchange with james with
considrable intereest.  I amy agree with him more but I  regard you as a
genuine progressive Marxist.

As to the Maoists. Well what can one say.  The genuine Third Worlders who
have risen up against expolitation I respect and support in their struggle
against the evil Fujimori dictatorship..  that includes the Quispe group.  I
am even beginning to weaken about Olaechea.  He is a straight forward enemy
of gay people. an ego of course of giagantic dimensions.  not like us eh?
But whatever the course of his present quarrel with the PCP I acknowledge
Olaechea's support for the oppressed of Peru as being genuine.

But others like Matt D and Miles  are probably just the sick sons of the
petit bourgeoisie who did not love their fathers and who have transferred
their  affection to mao or stalin.  Of course they are as you say pseuds.

comradely greetings


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