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Thu Apr 25 01:53:17 MDT 1996

>Joe wrote:

>  These pseudo-capitalists think they own things, which capitalism gave
>them. The fact of the matter is, they don't own a damn thing.

A theoretical note for who may be counted as capitalist. I think that a
person is a member of the working class, if they *must* sell their labour
power in order to reproduce and continue to live. For example, the CEO of GM
need not continue sell his (I'll use "his" instead of "his/her" for the sake
of reading ease) labour-power, he can simply start up a business using the
money in his possession as capital, investing in any manner. I think this
corresponds to the politics as well, because if a person need not be a
worker, his interests do not lie with the interests of the working class.
So, all salaried employees are not members of the working class, if they
earn enough to live as capitalists (of any scale, small or large). The key
word is the "reproduction" of living conditions.

I think the dog analogy is wonderful and very useful!

Zeynep Tufekcioglu

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