A deal with who?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Apr 25 03:43:48 MDT 1996

Comrade Gonzalo wrote:
>So for me all this jabbering about talks is nothing, I repeat,
>but looking for a way to undermine the people's war, because
>it doesn't correspond to reality.  When the time comes, the
>people's war will necesarily have to undertake diplomatic
>dealings.  But our diplomacy will be aimed at seizing
>Power countrywide, fully and completly.  We don't want a
>North Vietnam and a South Vietnam, we don't want a North
>Korea and a South Korea.  We don't want a North Peru and
>a South Peru, we want only one Peru.  This is our condition:
>full, complete and absolute surrender.  Are they ready for
>that?  No.  What they are plotting is our destruction, and
>so talks are nothing but a part of that same plan despite all
>their demagogic and philistine cackling.

The above i assume means that Comrade G. is prepared to make a deal with the
Peruvian bourgeoisie! If he gets the countryside and peru does not become a
north and south OK. But what does this have to do with class struggle.If a
peace is neccessary, it would have to be along the lines of Lenins and
Trotsky,s peace deal with the Germans, preventing any outside intervention
if the Peruvian proletariat and the peasantry were to seize power. That
would be legitimate. But making deals with the Peruvian class enemies is a
betrayal and Gonzalo the main spokesman for sticking a knife into the back
of a victorious seizure of power in Peru..

Once again i say to the Peruvian fighters on the ground. Watch it, your
leadership will make a deal with your class enemies..

malecki in exile..

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