re-queer theory

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Wed Apr 24 21:02:49 MDT 1996

re-queer theory

Hello Gary -

Reading your post on queer theory, I found the identity politics
you invoke reminiscent of zionism. Being opposed to zionist practices
and ideological mystifications, I find myself at loggerheads with
the spirit of your argument.

1. I question the application of the term homosexual to people -
rather than acts. Likewise, the term heterosexual. I was under
the impression that the term queer was advanced to overcome
that kind of either/or sexual world of straights or gays by positing
a polymorphically perverse alternative that is not reducible
to the sex of your partner(s).

2. You  wrote of "the emanciaptory potential of identity  politics."
But where is the potential if, in your own words, it is  "an identity
which above all is built on the fact of existence or survival."

3. Sartre had a nuance to the biographical politics he evolved which,
 although much evident in identity politics, goes unregonized. It is called
self-deception, or bad faith. In identity politics, it takes the form of an
essence which is accepted as natural or ahistorical.


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