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Thu Apr 25 07:44:34 MDT 1996

                Mr. Flanders,

        First, my understanding is that the trend in hog farming, whether
private or corporate, is towards indoor facilities with lots of swine.
Second, with live hogs trading at about 55 cents a pound, I don't think that
having 50 swine is enough hog farming to support a family.

        Environmental abuse is hardly limited to the corporate farming
concern.  They just have more resources to protect themselves from

        I'm very familiar with bovine growth hormone and I really don't think
it is the demon that others do.  Antibiotics are another story.  The small
farmer struggling to pay his loan is certainly inclined to use all he can to
improve yields, especially given the fact that he is wedded to his acreage,
and cannot adjust his operation in times of lean production.  The
agribusiness concern can diversify and suffer lean years better.  They can
also compete in the commodity markets with the food processors, which the
small farmer cannot.

        You said it - collectivization.  That does not mean the "family
farm".  That means running agriculture as a business owned by the much larger
community - a true "publicly-held corporation".


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