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Thu Apr 25 08:55:03 MDT 1996

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, boddhisatva wrote:

>         First, my understanding is that the trend in hog farming, whether
> private or corporate, is towards indoor facilities with lots of swine.

Louis: What happens to the doody from these indoor dwelling pigs? Do the
pigs sit on a toilet and does the doody goes through indoor plumbing to a
septic tank? Or does it simply go into the rivers? What do you think?

>         Environmental abuse is hardly limited to the corporate farming
> concern.  They just have more resources to protect themselves from
> litigation.

Louis: Do you have any numbers on who abuses the environment and to what
extent? Or are you allergic to facts and statistics?

>         You said it - collectivization.  That does not mean the "family
> farm".  That means running agriculture as a business owned by the much larger
> community - a true "publicly-held corporation".

Louis: No, we don't need to run agriculture as a business. Business means
profit and we have to eliminate the profit motive. The profit motive is
what is destroying the environment. Production has to be geared to human
needs and within a ecological context that is sustainable. Anything else
won't work.

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