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Thu Apr 25 09:07:35 MDT 1996

		Mr. Proyect,

	It's strange but perusing my copy of David McLellan'a 'Marxism After
Marx' I did not come across the name "Proyect."

	You wrote:

When small farmers rise up against this oppression and join the workers
in struggle, they are acting in a progressive fashion. A socialist
government should protect the small farmer. Even if large-scale farming
is more productive--and this is not something that is self-evident-- the
transformation of small ownership to vast state farms must be done with
the full collaboration of the people. This is what socialists have always
been for since it makes sense. Where you get your ideas from is anybody's
guess. It has nothing to do with Marxist politics. That is for sure."

	First, small farmers will be, I believe, somewhat more likely to rise
up if they become pickers, combine drivers, cowboys, and hog-pen sloppers.
Second, there ain't hardly any socialist governments and those that there are
leave something to be desired.

	"Vast state farms" is your idea, not mine.  I look for capitalism to
give the model (as if a foil or a relief) for the socialist cooperative.

	Finally, leaving campesinos in the field means that they will live
off the field which is a hard and dead-end life.  A socialist government
should foster the creation of a radical industrial proletariat.  Capitalism
has set the standards for production.  Unless you isolate the economy, you
cannot arbitrarily value the product of the campesinos to create a living
wage. You cannot artificially create an agricultural economy for which there
are no industrial consumers.  Industrialization requires investment in
market-valued capitals (unless your planning super-computer can do better
that Deep Blue did against Kasparov).  Once industrial capital becomes
commoditized, agricultural capital must follow suit.  Campesinos will
require, at the very least, economies of scale and excess saving to cope with
a modern commodities market.


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