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> >>  The worker and citizen should be made to bear personal responsibility for
>the side-effects of his industry. The industrial proletariat is eager for this
>responsibility, the farmer, rancher and logger are really not. <<Boddhisatva
> Jon Flanders:
>  Huh? On what do you base this statement? I wish this were true, but the sad
>fact is that all too many workers chose to hide behind their non-ownership of
>the means of production and shrug their shoulders at the pollution caused by
>"their industry."
>  One thing we should rid ourselves of is any illusions that being a worker
>automatically leads to greater class or political consciousness. I wish some
>of my co-workers had the political smarts and willingness to show some
>solidarity that the farmers of our NY State Empire Farm Alliance do.
>  My cousins are politically active on the "progressive" side of things in
>their small farm community. They are respectful and open to new political
>ideas. If anything, they, and the other farmers I have met, are far ahead of
>the average worker in critical thinking about the world. My cousin Buck, by
>the way, was hooked up to AOL before I even knew it existed.
>  This is not to say that being a small propriator does not affect
>consciousness. It does. But lets dump simplistic workerism and cheerleading
>for the automatic progress led by agribusiness. I will take the small farmer
>as an environmental steward of the land any day over the depradations of
>Tyson, Armour and company.
>  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 25-Apr-1996
I have a question here for the whole list. Why should workers take
responsibility for making the world a little greener?  Not that i am against
the envionment or anything. But it appears to me that much of the concern
about the envionment only came when the middle and upper classes experienced
things like Harriburg! Where were all these people when the coal miners died
>from black lung. Or cancer caused by solvents that are computer and cars are
dipped in. I say first the power, then we talk about the cleaning up..

Somebody i think Lewis said that the middle class is moving out to the fresh
air and taking the land and the water from the small farmers. They can run
away from the filth and live in their dream world and sort garbage. But the
poor and the working class they can,t do that..

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