Capitalist collectivization. (fwd)

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Thu Apr 25 11:10:01 MDT 1996


		Mr. Proyect,

	You wrote:

"Louis: "market-valued capitals"? "commoditized industrial capital"? "a
modern commodities market"? My dear Buddhist comrade, the goal is to
eliminate all that. All that is the source of our problems."

	Yes, let's destroy all commerce.  After all, who needs to know
whether a $500 million dollar factory (I presume we are going to have to
pay workers in money in Proyectsreich) is really worth the cash.  Why not
let self-appointed geniuses make all our decisions for us.  I'm sure that
everyone will be completely secure investing all that time and energy in
anything they say will work, why worry?  I'm sure that once we have
socialism every factory will be completely efficient forever, and every
product will enjoy permanent popularity and usefulness.  Of course there
will be no need for a naughty commodities market, probably all our little
farmers will simply "feel" what is right to produce and who to send it to.
Their intimate and undestructive relationship with the earth will tell
them. They probably won't need money up front either, and I'm sure that
crop yields will be so perfectly predictable that there will never be a
need to hedge.

	The people clamor for modular furniture and microwave ovens.  "Let
then eat campesino corn!" says Proyect.



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