marxists & gay liberation

Thu Apr 25 12:51:44 MDT 1996

To Don Adolfo:
     As you are a johnny-come lately to this list,
I shall simply note that there have been numerous refutations
of the idea of Stalin as a "democratic leader" and "not a
dictator" before, especially after long fulminations by the
now mysteriously silent Shawgi Tell.
     Such remarks by you utterly destroy whatever credibility
you have, and you have had some.  Certainly after the purges
of the late 1930s Stalin was an absolute dictator of the worst
sort.  His only redeeming feature was the victory over Hitler,
and that had more to do with the Soviet people overcoming Stalin's
blunders and errors such as purging the Red Army officer corps.
     BTW, claiming that supporters of gay rights want to elect
horses to the Roman Senate does not help your credibility much
either, just like your "command" to people to ignore reports
of cannibalism in Guangxi Province during the GPCR.  You've got
to do better than this if you want to avoid becoming a mere joke.
Barkley Rosser

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