The WWMC, the sinking "RIMitz" & Mr. Quispe 1/3

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 *The WWMC, the sinking "RIMitz" & Mr. Quispe* 1/3

To the recently started debate among those who say that they're
supporting the political line of Marx. Lenin and Mao Zedong, I'd like to 
add the 18 following points. I also have sent this letter to newsgroups. 
It's included in Parts 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5 of my posting "UNITE! Info #8en: 
The sinking of the 'RIMitz'" (corresp. to Parts 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 here).

¤1. 	In my opinion, the main dividing line in the present debate
	among those who state their adherence to the line of Marx, 
Lenin and Mao Zedong is between supporting the call for a World 
Wide Mobilisation Committee (WWMC) to support the revolution in Peru and 
opposing it.

The call has an essentially correct line and signals a break-away
>from that big "aircraft carrier" of subversion against the proletarian
revolutionary forces which has been pestering the political oceans
and continents for much too long already, the "RIMitz".

On this I refer again to my posting to newsgroups on 01.01.96
which I've recently also sent to this list, "UNITE! Info #3en".

¤2. 	In this debate, Mr. Luis Quispe, of the New Flag, New York
	City, who opposes the WWMC call, also have made some 
very strange statements, which I'll comment on in following points 
and which in my opinion puts him under grave suspicion of having 
other aims than those which he states that he has.

Immidiately when I made my first appearance on this list, with a 
brief introduction of myself and the article "'Peruvian' knifing in 
Stockholm - who's behind it?" on 15.04, I was violently attacked 
by Mr. Quispe - or the first time in a communication "to comrade J." 
signed by "The New Flag", which I presume was by him - with some 
completely false allegations which he didn't even try to substantiate.

When on 15.04 and 17.04 I asked for an explanation in a comradely
way, I recieved none whatsoever but only a repetition of those
allegations, with some more and equally false and unsubstantiated
thrown in, from Mr. Quispe. He also made some statements on
certain political issues which are very reactionary and worthy of

Also Mr. Quispe started a massive and unjustified attack against
comrade Adolfo Olaechea of the London Sol-Peru Committee,
with a great amount of ridiculous lumpen-proletarian-type of
mudslinging, obviously on account of the latter's having defended
me as a sincere comrade whose views on several points he doesn't
agree with but the contradiction with whom he considers to be one
among the people - I think so too.

I agree with comrade Olaechea's judgement that the Right has now
come into the open and has found a representative in Luis Quispe.

¤3. 	I also agree with those comrades who have stated that nobody
	should be finished off with one blow and that the debate should
continue so that clarity on the matters can be reached. Comrade Jay
Miles of the Detroit Peru Support Committee (Detcom) IMO is right 
in advocating: "Be open and aboveboard. Don't intrigue and conspire. 
Practice Marxism and not revisionism. Unite, and don't split." These 
are some of the principles which were correctly stressed i.a. by the 
important 10th Congress of the Communist Party of China, in 1973.

¤4. 	In political matters, I hold that "the line is the key". Some 
        earlier comrades of mine, of a certain party in Germany from 
which I think I've learned a great deal but which in later years 
degenerated, some 20 years ago used to stress the following quote from 
the documents of the above-mentioned congress:

"Chairman Mao teaches us that *'the correctness or incorrectness
of the ideological and political line decides everything.'* If one's 
line is incorrect, one's downfall is inevitable, even with the control 
of the central, local and army leadership. If one's line is correct, 
even if one has not a single soldier at first, there will be soldiers, 
and even if there is no political power, political power will be gained."

Thus in my oinion, the main thing about the WWMC is not whether it
will be immediately supported by many or not. Even if there's only
few forces at first, it will still be a good thing. 

¤5. 	The people's war led by the PCP against the reactionary 
	regime in Peru since 1980 in my opinion is a just cause and 
must be supported. At the same time, it's necessary to criticize the 
PCP for its signing of the phoney"Marxist" reactionary "RIM Declaration", 
which attacks Mao Zedong's correct line and presents a distortion of it 
as the line which the international proletariat should follow.

The PCP leading comrades and other comrades who have made
the same error should be informed about their mistake as soon
as possible, so that they can investigate the matter more closely
and correct this error. 

It has been stated in the debate that the PCP signed the "RIM
Declaration", which has since then been translated into more
than 20 languages, with certain reservations. As I've already
pointed out, the documents in connection with that signing show
that this was not the case.

After the overthrow of socialism in China in 1976-78, the 
imperialists and their agents obviously have managed, by massively
suppressing information and by cutting the forces in different parts
of the world off from each other, to mislead many comrades in
importants respects. To put this right again, much study and
discussion will be needed.

Since the WWMC call i.a. proposes that this Commission shall
"defend Maoism" (which I assume is another term for Mao Zedong
Thought) "as the new, third and superior stage of Marxism", it will
also have as one of its tasks to criticize such documents which
attack that ideology, e.g. the "RIM Declaration". 

¤6. 	Comrade Olaechea, for instance, does not agree with my
	criticism of the "RIM Declaration" and of the PCP:s signing it. 
But he also has pointed out: Why should the CC of the PCP be afraid 
of the criticism by one individual? It shouldn't, of course. Those who 
have the interests of the international proletariat and the oppressed
peoples at heart will be able to reason things out. 

I for my part intend to write several more articles and to show the
comrades many documents which presumably they today don't
know, in order to further prove the correctness of my criticism.

¤7. 	Mr. Quispe apparently fears this criticism and wants to keep 
	the RIMitz afloat as long as possible. This at least is the most 
obvious explanation for his violent reaction to that criticism and for 
his declining to support the WWMC call. On 20.04 he wrote that "the 
masses are being confused"(!) by my criticizing the reactionary
RIMitz paper. This of course is ridiculous and upside-down. It's
precisely that document that confuses them.

¤8. 	The best way I can comment on Mr. Quispe's attacks against 
	the political line which I represent (and have represented since 1974) and 
his other reactionary political statements probably is by 
giving as brief as possible a history of the fight for the correct line in
Europe (in particular) since the mid-'70:s, and deal with his
allegations in those places where they fit in. This also may contribute 
towards clarifying some important matters on which most comrades 
probably have quite insufficient information. I'll do this in points 9-17 

¤9. 	On 18.04, Mr Quispe wrote i.a.:

>We were informed by PCP supporters in Sweden that Martens'
>divisive tactics has caused splits in many progressive

This totally false "information" obviously stems from no other than
the reactionary person I've already referred to as Mr. T.P. (for 
Traficante Politico) and who, as comrade Olaechea has informed 
us, has been expelled from the Malmoe MPP group, or from his few
followers. I'll give the readers some more information about this
clique later. What are the facts behind this allegation?

It's true that I once was a member of a so-called "progressive"
organization, or, to be more exact, a phoney"Marxist" and in
reality pro-social-imperialist one, although it masqueraded as
being pro-Mao Zedong. When I started criticizing its line I was
expelled from it, and my public counterattack completely
exposed its true character. This was in 1974. The group in
question was called "KFML(r)", from 1978 on it's "KPML(r)".

The conflict in 1974 was over whether to inform the masses of
the serious threat of aggression against Western Europe which
was then being posed by Soviet social-imperialism and against
which Mao Zedong's China was persistently warning the peoples,
or whether to suppress such information.

Some comrades of the then entirely correct German party the
KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), the only party in Europe which actually
adhered to Mao Zedong's correct line, were in exile in Malmoe at
the time and it was above all their information, in addition to my
also studying the Peking Review and the Hsinhua news bulletins,
which made me understand the situation.

After my exposing panphlet in Nov '74, the "KPML(r)" found it
useless to try to camouflage itself further and in 1975 started
attacking Mao Zedong quite openly. There were two main kinds of 
phoney"Marxist" groups in Europe at that time, one (i.a. the 
"KFML(r)") later siding with the phoney"leftist" Gang of Four and 
with Hodxa and the other siding with Deng Xiaoping / Hua 
Guofeng, both against Mao Zedong's line. Only the other pro-"G 4" 
and pro-Hodxa groups, such as the Roter Morgen in Germany 
(which called itself the "KPD/ML") didn't start attacking chairman 
Mao openly until 1978. I and my then comrades had forced the 
crooks here to come out into the open three years earlier. 

My exposure of those by no means should be considered a point
of criticism against me but rather a point of merit. And it was with 
a certain feeling of nostalgia that I almost precisely 20 years later 
received a political "love letter" of precisely the same self-revealing 
lumpen-proletarian kind from that scoundrel Mr. T.P. as I had once 
received from some "KFML(r)" forerunners of his.

There also, in 1983, was a conflict with a certain phoney "solidarity"
group whose leading person I exposed as an agent. He 10 years
later actually turned out to be among the organizers of the IEC
Founding Conference (which was a good thing anyway) in Duisburg, Germany. 
(I wrote about this in my #3en.) Likewise a merit, I think.

This is the complete background behind Mr. T.P.:s "splittist" lies.

¤10. 	When in 1976-78 socialism was overthrown in China, due to
	the actions of the Gang of Four on the one hand and those of 
the Deng Xiaoping group on the other, who utilized the people's hatred 
of the sabotaging Gang to further their own reactionary purposes, the 
KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) continued to uphold Mao Zedong's correct line and 
was - as far as I know - the only revolu- tionary party in the world 
which correctly analyzd how this revisionist  restoration came about. 
I wrote a little about this in my #3en. 

There are many documents which show the facts of the events in
China at that time but which have been suppressed by the
imperialists and their Avakianist (as is the Detcom's fitting term) 
RIMitz helpers. Most comrades today obviously don't know  them. 
They have to be studied. 

Bob Avakian, the chairman of the so-called "RCP" of the USA
(founded in 1975), and his sidekick Raymond Lotta in 1978-79
published two entire books where they massively distorted the 
facts about the events leading to the overthrow of socialism in 
China and tried to portray the reactionary Gang of Four as "the true
revolutionaries". In my Info #3en, I told (only) the main actual facts
about this. 

Comrade Olaechea has, as the only participant of the present 
debate so far, made a small comment on my Info #3en. The only debate 
point he made against what I wrote in it however IMO is not 
a very good one. He asked, concerning the "G 4" leader, Jiang Qing: 

>Is there no one that can go into the question of Madame Mao -
>without arguing like Avakian about how she represents a
>"superior stage of Maoism" - and  explain to him that counter-
>revolutionaries are not usually put in jail by counter-revolutionaries
>until they die unless they be a danger to counter-revolution?
Well, disagreements among the reactionaries on how best to serve
counterrevolution and/or their own clique's interests aren't always 
solved in "tea party" fashion. Take Hitler who had his "old pal " 
Roehm murdered in 1934 and in 1944 almost got killed himself by 
some officers who realized he was leading them into defeat. Hasn't 
everyone heard of "acute contradictions among the bourgeoisie"? 

¤11. 	It was in connection with the fall of that great proletarian 
	bastion in the world, China, that the most reactionary forces 
of the bourgeoisie, including the revisionists, dared massively to 
escalate their foul anti-industy, anti-technology, anti-science and anti-
economic-growth campaigns, particularly in some West European countries. 
Again, the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) was the only party among those claiming 
to be Marxist which counterattacked these campaigns and defended the vital 
interests of the masses. 

Here the phoney"Marxist" groups, and each single one of them, 
really exposed their counter-revolutionary nature to the full by taking 
part, even in leading roles, in those arch-reactionary campaigns. As 
I've pointed out in my Info #4en (de), in Europe by 1979-80, my then 
German comrades and I, though we of course were extremely few, could 
clearly be seen to be the only genuine Marxists around. Our
problem was that the politically completely refuted phoney groups,
who hated us like the pest, had the massive covert support of
the imperialists and the social-imperialists and were much bigger.

There i.a. is a speech by Marx where, 140 years ago in London, he 
pointed out how "steam, electricity and spinning machine" were 
"dangerous revolutionaries" and thus revealed the real main motive
behind the main reactionaries' present "green" warfare against the 
masses, namely, the fear that conditions may ripen for revolution. 
I've posted it as Info #5de but don't yet have it in Marx' own English.

Practically all comrades today who identify themselves as 
"Maoists" unfortunately have not the slightest idea about this
"green"-type stealth warfare taking place at all, though it has
been going on for decades, already caused millions of people in
Europe to become unemployed and created untold extra misery
for the oppressed peoples. This is because there have been
no or practically no advanced-country genuine Marxists around to inform 
them and because their own level of understanding of Marxism has been 
unsufficient. Also it has been a question of the main imperialists' 
massive throwing of wool over people's eyes.

This situation must change. There already are a few documents 
which can be studied on these political questions. I'll contribute
towards making more of them available, i.a. through translation.

It's also necessary, in this in *some* respects modern world - about
which the black U.S. musician Charlie Parker (1920-1955), whose
revolutionizing development of music was said to be "that of the
atomic age", once said: "Civilization is wonderful - somebody
should try it sometime" - for all comrades to have at least some
elementary knowledge of the natural sciences, in which Marx,
Lenin and Mao Zedong always took great interest and which also
in later decades Marxist leaders have pointed to as important. 

[Continued in Part 4/5 (Marxism list posting 2/3)]

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