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Thu Apr 25 15:32:25 MDT 1996

>New Flag comrades, here is your malecki, whom you say:
>>Malecki is a honest Comrade. He deserves more respect than you. He has
>>not slandered PCP Comrades like you do.
>Comrade Olaechea has never said ill of PCP comrades like this!
>Your posts are most incorrect.  Malecki says Gonzalo is traitor
>to the people.  You still want kiss his ass?  You make big error
>not knowing comrades from enemies.
>Jay Miles / Detroit

Hello, Comrade Jay:

I have seen a mailer of the sidekick of that other vomiter of a few days
ago. It seems to me that it was right to say to Malecki that his "kiss of
death" was going to do no good at all to our sick patients in New Flag.  It
appears now that Mrs Ccorimanya, after heavy snogging with our Sweden
anchored workerist hero, is feeling rather queasy too and about to vomit
herself. Watch out!

When Nikita Sergeyevitch Khruschev went to the United Nations and started to
bang his shoe on the table, every communist who had not waken up to him
already for his vitriolic "Secret Speech" against comrade Stalin, knew they
had at the helm of the Great Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin a complete and
utter fool and a serious lumpen gangster.

Lumpen behaviour is a sure sign of Khruschevism.  The Rights have no
arguments, that is why insults are their only weapons.  However, the more
they open their filthy mouth, the more garbage comes out, and they think
they are fooling people in that fashion.

Comradely greetings

Adolfo Olaechea

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