The WWMC, the sinking "RIMitz" & Mr. Quispe 3/3

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The WWMC, the sinking "RIMitz" & Mr. Quispe 3/3

[Continued from Part 4/5 (from Marxism list posting 2/3)]

¤15. 	To continue the "brief history" which in the above was 
	somewhat interrupted by argumentation:

In 1979-80, because of the facts mentioned in point 11 and in
other points above, the reactionaries had to fear even more than 
before that the ideas represented by the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), 
that is, genuine Marxism, might spread to other countries than 
(West) Germany.

So obviously it was no coincidence that in 1980, Avakian - or to
be more precise, those forces who were using him as their tool
or representatve or however these things may have functioned -
collected together a so-called "First Conference of Marxist-Leninist 
Parties and Organisations". Its platform, as published in a document, 
was "blatantly trotskyite", in comrade Olaechea's no doubt correct 
judgement, stated in a document on the struggle of the present London 
Sol-Peru Committee members against the Avakianist tendency which he has 
sent by e-mail to me, among others. (I even before I got it had 
suspected that this was the reason why in later years the RIMitz 
leaders never even dared show that 1980 document to people.)  

An important purpose of the 1980 "Conference" obviously was 
internationally to encircle and suppress the KPD/ML (NEUE EINHEIT), 
which alone among European parties upheld and advocated
Mao Zedong's correct line but which - of course - was never contacted
by that "Conference"'s organizers.

To me, when in 1993 I first saw the 1984 "RIM Declaration" and
compared it with the information from the CPC in the Peking Review 
issues of 1973-76 and that in the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) documents of the 
'70:s and early/mid-'80:s, also trying to apply whatever experience of 
my own I might have gathered in my then some 20 years of political 
activity on the basis of their political line, the handwriting of the 
CIA appeared quite obvious in that RIMitz paper, or to be more exact, 
that of that fraction within the CIA which wanted cooperation with the 
KGB rather than rivalry with it, in order to combat the revolutionary 
forces. The earlier Avakianist creation, the 1980 document, clearly 
was even easier to identify as phoney"Marxist" and reactionary.

As was stated in some later PCP documents, in 1983 the PCP was
first approached by Avakian, who proposed it sign the 1980 (Trotskyite, 
Avakianist or phoney"Marxist") document, which however was refused. 
There wasn't even any "Mao Zedong Thought" red paint poured over that 
document's reactionary theses, it seems. But then in 1984, the PCP most 
unfortunately did swallow an "improved", more "luminous" bait, the actual 
RIMitz contraption, with which this Operation Subversion, therefore, 
started to become comparatively successful. Not until nine years - and 
more than 20 translations of the RIMitz paper into different languages - 
later was it that the CoRIM found it necessary really to make the PCP 
itself feel the hook.

Comrade Olaechea has told all that his London group did see
through the Avakianists from the start but that they "didn't want
to put their noses against" the CC of the PCP which, he writes,
advocated unity with those persons, whose exclusion from such 
untiy the London group found it wrong to put forward as a demand. 

Should today this "acceptance" of Avakian etc by the London group 
be criticized? I cannot tell. But I'd like to point out that the question 
really isn't whether to "accept" those or those *persons* or not - 
except in cases where there's clear proof of their reactionary
character. The main question is: On the basis of what *line* do you
unite with them? Had they realized that the document to be signed
was a *reactionary* one, and - obviously - only a somewhat better
camouflaged version of the earlier, the London comrades of course indeed 
*should* have "put their noses against" Marx, the Pope, Jesus, the Devil 
and his grandmother or what-have-you, and pointed this out. But it seems 
they didn't see this.

¤16. 	Strangely, in all those years in which I was in close contact with
	the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), i.e., up until April 1990, I never once heard my 
then comrades mention anything about the "RIM". We did in the late '80:s 
sometimes discuss the PCP in Peru, which seemed to me to be perhaps a 
positive factor in contrast to all known parties or groups in the (European) 
vicinity, which proved to be reactionary phonies, every one of them. But I 
then never heard of a way of contacting, or even reading the documents of,
the PCP.

In 1990, I criticized the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) as now bourgeois.
I wrote a criticism of it in German in Aug-Sept '90, "EINE KRITIK....".

At the IEC conference in Duisburg in 1993, I learned for the first time
of the existence of a group in Germany which made propaganda for the
"RIM" and said that it supported the PCP. It called itself "Revolutio- 
naere Kommunisten (BRD)". An anonymuos undated publication (obviously 
>from 1991) with its name on it and a big picture of Jiang Quing on the 
front page, called "Auftstand!", reported that it had been
taking part in 1 May demonstrations in Berlin(West) since 1987.

The KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), therefore, must have known about the
"RIM Declaration" at least since 1987 or 1988. It would have been
very easy for that experienced party publicly to have torn that reactionary 
document into shreds. It didnt do so, but kept completely
quitet about it, and it never, as far as I know, publicly stated its support 
of the PCP or made any evaluation of the line of the PCP. But this
means that (at least) from sometime in 1987-88 on, the KPD/ML(NEUE
EINHEIT)  was no longer a proletarian revolutionary party but now a
phoney"Marxist", in reality bourgeois one.

However, the formation of the above-mentioned group "Revolutionare
Kommunisten (BRD)" in Germany, obviously before 1 May 1987, with
no attempt whatever on its part to justify its formation instead of its
menbers uniting with the already long-existing party in that country,
was obviously quite unjustified, from the proletarian revolutionary 
standpoint. Even if it had considered that existing party to have already
degenerated it would have had to say so and to prove this to people.

In fact there have been fairly credible reports to the effect that this
newer group, generally called the "RIMlers", consistently has behaved very 
badly indeed on demonstrations, unprovokedly (and not in self-
defence, for instance) attacking other demonstration participants
physically. For this, then, all direct defenders of the RIMitz, in the first 
place, and my ex-comrades of the degenerated KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), in the 
second, since they have indirectly supported the
"RIM Declaration" and the "RIMlers" with their complete silence on
both counts, must be held co-responsible.

A third group in Germany, the so-called "MLPD", is equally a phoney.
It was launched by the bourgeoisie in the early '80:s in one of their
infamous splitting manoevres, as pointed out by my then comrades.

Quite recently, on 19.04, the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) appeared on
the Net  - address <weklu at> - with an article in German on
the Chernobyl manipulation in 1986 posted on 'maus.politik'. Even as 
now a bourgeois group, it attacks the reactionary "green" propaganda. 
This is a positive thing. It's too early to say what its intentions are - 
whether to turn in the direction of Marxism-Leninsm or whether to 
confuse issues and stab others in their backs. It's advisable not to trust 
this present group until it has shown more clearly where it stands. 

¤17. 	On one other point in addition to some of the above, Mr. 
	Quispe really got excited and has told a number of untruths. 
This is concerning the local political struggle here in the region of 
Malmoe, where I live.

On this I shall no doubt have to return later with some more detailed proof 
of various facts which I've already stated in my 15.04 article.
Here are, so far, only a few comments:

It's clear that Mr. Quispe supports the long since exposed reactionary
Mr. T.P. (Traficante Politico) in this region and that he has done so
systematically. He should cease doing this immediately.

As comrade Olaechea has informed all on this list, Mr. T.P. and
one other person have been expelled from the Malmoe MPP.
According to information from comrades here, that group which
Mr. Quispe pretends to be "the MPP in Malmoe" is a fake.

For my part, I've never participated in any MPP whatever and
have never pretended to have done so. (See my postings.) Neither
have I been in a position to know about any internal MPP affairs. The only 
organization in any way - indirectly - connected with the PCP of 
which I've been a member is the Malmoe Emergency Committee, formed on 
23.10.1993, and the IEC (of which our local committee is 
a part). And the IEC is not organisatorically connected with the PCP 
but is led, according to its by-laws, by its Steering Committee, of
which I'm one of 41 members. These are the facts, in contrast to
Mr. Quispe's (on 20.04, subject "The PCP and RIM's Development"):     

>Another matter is that we oppose the formation of ghost
>organizations, why a parallell MPP in Malmo? Maybe Martens
>was planted there. We never know. 

>It is not the CC, it is the masses that are being confused and
>deceived by a petulant that slander MPP Comrades in Malmo
>as "traffickers."
>Where is the evidence? It is not true they have not distributed
>the Oct. 7 communique, it is utterly false that they are only a
>couple and local.

Here Mr. Quispe pretends he can't read. I wrote, the first time in my 
01.01.96 Info #3en (later sent to the list), the second time in my 15.04
article and now I repeat again: They accepted local dissemination.
What the conflict was over, at a 05.04.94 meeting,  was my proposal
that our Malmoe IEC group write to the IEC central and suggest that
the IEC publish it worldwide, this suggestion to be circulated to all
IEC SC members. They most strongly opposed it. This exposed them.  

>They have organize a rally in berlin where 2000 people attended.
>Lies and character assassination of thes comrades should not be

This statement about "organizing a rally", or contributing to it, may 
well be true. Some other information seems to indicate that comrade
Olaechea's statement that the conflict with Mr. T.P. here had only local 
importance was not quite correct but that this trafficker has some
important connections to other bad elements (also) in Europe.

An "event in Berlin", in the form of a "M-L-M Conference" took place
on 24-25.06.95, according to other information, but since there's
been so suspectly little publicity about it, e.g. no mention even in the
RIMitz paper AWtW issue No. 21, of Oct '95, I draw the conclusion
that it was some sort of reactionary circus in an effort to cover up
the CoRIM's by then quite apparent treason. All concerned here in
Malmoe know that Mr. T.P.:s violent and hateful attacks against me
>from mid-'94 on were on account of my exposing that treason,
with first my own letter to the IEC for circulation to SC members on
12.04.94 (I published a Spanish translation of it too) and then the 
article on 12.08.94 which was later posted as "UNITE! Info #3en". 

The facts about the conflict here in Malmoe are extremely clear and
are very easy to prove with documents. Unless Mr. Quispe cuts loose
>from that exposed swindler and reactionary Mr. T.P., all PCP 
supporters should indeed cut loose from Mr. Quispe. He IMO should
be allowed to go down with the RIMitz if he wishes to do so.

¤18.	In the present situation, when they see that main big vessel 
	of theirs for subversion against the revolutionaries finally
foundering, namely, the RIMitz, which now has done service for 
some 12 years already and against whose eventual sinking they 
must have been making contingency plans for (at least) over two 
years by now, what steps will the CIA and the other reactionaries 
behind it take in order to keep that subversion going?

For they absolutely must and they will keep that subversion going,
that's perfectly clear. They obviously have several possibilities,
and obviously to start with will exclude none of the possible lines of 
action from being used.  

¤a.	One of their lines of action would be, to defend the "RIM"
	as far as they possibly can. They have invested much prestige
in it and certaintly will not let it sink without a fight.

¤b:	They most probably since some time now have been preparing 
	one or several "reserve" phoney "Internationals". There is today one other 
"ship" afloat which may be suspected to be one of these, the
"MIMitz" ("Maoist Internationalist Movement"). I don't know for how
long this entity has been in existence. 

This "MIMitz" class vessel of course is considerably smaller and 
less known than the RIMItz. Politically it's characterized i.a. by its
maintaining that those superprofits which the imperialists extract 
>from the oppressed peoples, and  which still are being handed out to 
a considerable part of the masses in the imperialist countries, are making 
it impossible to win these masses for revolution - which is 
not the case - and by an "upside-down" racism. Organisatorically it
resembles the RIMitz in that one cannot tell what it really is - is it
a kind of party in the USA or an international group or organization
of several parties or what? But whether it's more of a fishy fowl or
more of a fowly fish probably doesn't matter much, since it seems
unlikely to get to play a bigger role than that of a distracting factor. 

Interestingly, and IMO revealingly enough, the MIMitz and the RIMItz haven't 
been firing at each other at all. If one of them were a 
genunine attempt, on the part of its leading forces, at creating an 
Internationale, then certainly it would be important for it to show 
people why the existence of that other entity was unjustified - or else, why 
shouldn't everyone join it instead?

The "MLPD" in Germany seems to be somehow associated with
the "MIM". And some months ago, both the RIMitz and the MIMitz 
could be observed to engage in some heavy wooing of the 
Communist Party of the Philippines. I don't know what, if anything, came out 
of it.

¤c.	There also is another entity of the (supposed) "International-	attempt" 
type which doesn't seem to have been called by any name (yet) and which in 
fact appears to have been launced by some friends of the (more or less) 
"competing firm". In Brussels on 2-4 May 1995, more than 100 representatives 
>from 60 supposedly "marxist-leninist" parties in various parts of the world 
assembled in order to "discuss the unification of all communists in the world". 

The weekly "Solidaire" of the host organization, the Parti de Travaille de 
Belgique (PTB - whose chairman happens to be a namesake - no relation - of 
mine, Ludo Martens), however didn't find that event important enough to have 
even the slightest notice about it on the first page of the issue in which 
it was reported (No. 25, of 21.06.95) - or 
else wasn't overly proud of some of the participating parties such as 
the Russian one led by Nina Andreyevna, so this entity will perhaps not play 
any more interesting role in relation to the actual communists either. 

¤d.	And naturally the subversionists will send some representa-
	tives into, or find some in, the WWMC too - although that organization of 
course will not be an International, such as is also
needed by the proletariat, but will be precisely one for actual and not 
phoney defence of the revolution in Peru. There's IMO no need to be 
overly concerned about such things, which have always been "a fact of 
life". If all comrades strive to unite on the basis of the correct line, it 
seems at least to me that there are good possibilities for some 

Rolf Martens


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