The craving for beef.

Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at
Thu Apr 25 14:13:47 MDT 1996

Matt D. wrote:

> During the late seventies in Poland, beef consumption rose
> to an all-time high -- 70 kg per person per year!!!, more than
> twice the per capita consumption of Great Britain.  Indeed, it
> has been suggested that the hard currency drain engendered
> by beef imports was a chief factor in the fiscal crisis of the Polish
> state.  This was during the period where Poland was courting
> -- and receiving -- massive Western capitalist investment, and
> presumably was being exposed to the concomitant cultural
> influences.

I guess "concomitant" in this context is negative :-)

The reason why beef consumption rose in Poland was quite
simply that the Polish workers had fought for it and that
the stalinist government was scared shitless that they
would revolt again - at a time when they wanted to direct
all possible ressources at "going to the world market".

When the revolt eventually came they had to use military
special forces to gun down striking workers.

Like everywhere else where governments get involved
with the World Bank, they did it because they were a
part in a classical, international economic crisis
caused by a decline in the falling rate of profit.

So much for the "cultural influences".


Jorn Andersen


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