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Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at
Thu Apr 25 14:48:15 MDT 1996

I an otherwise excellent posting you had some of the aritmetics
wrong. But reality strengthens your points.

Ken Howard wrote:
> And no you are not the only gay person on the list. If the statistics are
> correct, that is the 1 in 10 stuff then there are at least 39 or so of us.

Arithmetics is right on this one, so why not the statistics :-)

> If Kinsey was correct, then there are 5point 4 million lesbians
> and gay people in the world today ( i.e 10% of the population).

The figure must be 540 million.

> the working class make up over 1 billion of the worlds population
> <which> means that over  1 million " workers " are lesbian or gay)

The figure must be over 100 million.

So you are right that
> the place of oppression of
> lesbian and gay sexuality starts to take on some meaning.


Jorn Andersen


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