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Thu Apr 25 17:40:53 MDT 1996

Zeynep Tufekcioglu wrote to Robert Malecki:
> >This might be true. I am not a economist. But i think that the crisis is a
> >classic crisis of the system of over-production and inter-imperialist
> >rivilry. ie preparations for the next war and a new redivision of the spoils..
> Yes, exactly. It just runs in cycles, the last two cycles were before the
> first and second imperialist wars.

I agree about it being a classic crisis and would add that it is
also a classic crisis in the sense that the heart of it is the
falling rate of profit.

But I doubt these "long cycles" - at least they seem to be very
uneven. At Marx's time it made sense to talk about ca. 10 year
cycles but in the imperialist epoch I don't it makes much sense
any more. The basic mechanisms are the same, but the role of war
economy has offset the start of present crisis by at least 15
years. Also this crisis seems to be much more drawn out.
Someone has called it "a slow film" of previous ones.

I might be wrong about the cycles, but what I'm sure on, is that
I don't want to see the next full round.

> of course there is another alternative isn't there. Socialism.


Jorn Andersen


PS: Welcome to the list. Your mails make sense. I look forward
to your next post on political islam.

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