Beef and revolution in Central America

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>You're such a bonehead, Brian. 1) Work is an essential part of being human;
>abolishing it is both impossible and undesirable.

>COMMENT: Of course the first sentence is entirely correct. Brian has provided
>all the evidence required to prove that. I would distinguish though between
>work as alienated labor, that is labor that does not realize oneself as a human
>and is done under necessity and not by choice and labor done by choice,
>free labor. Under communism alienated labor is vastly
>reduced but not abolished.

Can you elaborate on this last sentence?  How much 'alienated' labor

>As Marx puts it nature is man's inorganic body.(If you mistreat your body
>you mistreat yourself. If you degrade the environment then your humanity
>is reflected externally as this degraded object

How would one mistreat his or her body?

>  ALienated work as work that produces objects that are appropriated by another
>and in which the products of work face one as an enemy (LUddites eg.)-Sorry
>Carnell will never have heard of Luddites no doubt- should be abolished!

I'm very familiar with the Luddites actually.  I hope you're not
holding them up as a model.


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