BRIAN: Capitalism lover extrordinaire

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Apr 25 21:02:04 MDT 1996

At 9:09 AM 4/25/96, Brian Carnell wrote:

>The poisoning is happening becase the vaunted Chinese Communist
>government is rolling over and letting it be poisoned.  There is
>nothing inherent in increased productivity that requires we allow
>people to poison us.  Of course since Communism essentially destroys
>strong property rights, there isn't much recourse to go after
>polluters there (and of course it wasn't private concerns that
>polluted Eastern Europe).

So remind me why it was that when New Zealand privatized its national
forests, and they were bought by US timber companies, they were promptly
transformed into lumber, paper, and wood chips? Was this capitalist
stewardship at work?



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