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Fri Apr 26 04:50:48 MDT 1996

		Mr. Proyect,

	You don't seem to get the gist of the problem.  Nobody gives
"Farm-Aid" concerts for agri-business.  Agri-business firms can't whine
 about preserving some "western way of life" when they lay claim to OUR
public lands.

	Small growers in California were and are perfectly willing to stop
the Colorado from flowing to the sea, and drum up public sympathy for
destructive water-project boondoggles to make themselves rich.  Corporate
interest did not come up with the idea of rice farming on arid California
land with publicly funded water.  That was local politics.   Even when
the big corporations buy in to an agriculture like that, they use local
private  growers as their political posterboys.  Look at the wise-use

	Who do you think wiped out the wolf and the mountain lion in the
West, Archer-Daniels-Midland?  Who opposes the re-introduction of the wolf
now, Armour?  It is and was small ranchers who are over-invested and have
to squeeze every last nickel from their land.  You are living in a dream
world of agrarian peace and love.  Why don't you take a drive down
south and ask a peach picker, or a tomato picker how they like the local
"family farmer".

	This ain't Yazgur's farm, comrade.



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