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Fri Apr 26 11:48:54 MDT 1996


>        Let's say the people's war (of some sort) is successful.  Peru
>tries to industrialize.  The capitalist nations embargo, the currency is
>made worthless externally and the people's factories cannot produce for
>export.  The government of Peru then pegs the currency to the US dollar,
>accepts US currency, and legalizes the production of concentrated coca
>(implicitly for export), under controlled conditions.  Clearly the U.S. goes
>nuts, but could the western capitalists resist the temptation of the legal
>flow of all that drug money, as the coca cartels send their dollars in to
>buy goods legally?

>        I am absolutely not implying anything about the PCP, but I'm sure
>they will have something to say on this.  Does our new Turkish subscriber
>have anything to put in?

I am getting really sick of your constant slurs on various Third Worlders.
Why don't you take this racist crap somewhere else? While you're doing
that, maybe you could read a book about how the global economy works before
subjecting us to any more of your bigoted, ignorant pro-Western ravings.


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