Marxism2. Morals. Moralism. Fiber.

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Fri Apr 26 12:33:37 MDT 1996

>    I sort of agree with Sally's comment on "morals," but I think the
>really nasty term is "moralism." As far as fiber goes, I love cereals of
>all kinds, but I don't know much about the fiber produced by morals. Is
>it stiff, wiry?
>    Marxists do have morals: but they are historically generated through
>struggle rather than descending from heaven.
>                Carrol

Are those the only two possibilities you can think of? Historically, the
locution "historically generated through struggle" has been simply an
excuse for naked power politics, purges, and treachery. How about something
rooted in our experience as social animals, but not vulnerable to each new
puppeteer who comes along?


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