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At 2:54 PM 4/26/96, Rahul Mahajan wrote:

>Thanks for the stats, Doug. It would be nice to know what analysis they're
>based on. Does she mention it in the book? In any case, I always want to
>tear my hair out when I see stuff like this. I mean, you have to doubt the
>analysis of anyone who seems to have no recognition of the limitations of
>his/her work. 2309 hours in 1500? Not, say, 2308 or 2310? This kind of
>thing is all too common these days, and most people don't think twice about

Oh yeah, of course; I know that, and she knows that. Even the best social
stats - e.g. those produced by the U.S. government agencies, which are
generally close to if not the best in the world - are estimates. Schor's
sources are all given in the footnotes to the table (on page 45). I'm too
lazy to type them.

>As far as the pace of work goes, it seems to me that office work in the US
>is generally pretty leisurely as well. Also, how to compare sitting in one
>place and moving a mouse around, occasionally clicking, with plowing or
>churning or cutting wood?

Yeah, but don't forget repetitive strain injury, the bane of office
workers, and also don't forget (as I'm sure you don't) that there are
plenty of dreadfully awful jobs, like say gutting chickens for Tyson and



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