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Siddharth Chatterjee siddhart at
Fri Apr 26 16:18:53 MDT 1996

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Rahul Mahajan wrote:

> Siddharth:
> > After several days of diatribes against "every
> >little third-world" movement, our Rip-Van Winkle scientist is suddenly
> >being overcome by pangs of conscience and is re-discovering his roots
> >so to speak. Maybe he should approach another Alex Hailey (author of
> >Roots and to whom Malcolm X related his autobiography).

> Were you born stupid or did you have to work at it? You don't need to be a
> Stalinist moron to be opposed to racism and xenophobia.
> Rahul


Our moral physicist (who wants to inject, as he says, "humanism" into
certain people) besides taking away my title of "the Enlightened One",
in a volte face, now has "humanistically" delegated me to the ranks of
the mentally retarded. This great fall has lead to severe trauma from
which I do not know if recovery will be possible. Before I completely
conk out, I will let you on to a secret word from the Hindi. It is
called "Buddhu" (Fool) commonly used by the upper classes to denigrate
un-educated poor people (in a similar fashion to the usage of the
word "stupid above). It is time that this usage was turned around and
hurled back at the "learned and educated" folk (some of whom also
use the "N" word, by the way). So on behalf of millions of people, I
give you full authority to use this word as you see fit. If you need
more stronger vocublary, drop me a line. Damn! I am almost passed out
>from this fall! Please pray for me!

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