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Luis: Thank you for your defense from the bite of some opportunists. But
what is this? Self-promotion, individualism, are you running for Congress?
Grow up please. Revolutionaries don't need this garbage. Lenin, Mao, Marx
and Gonzalo hated petty bourgeois' self-promotion.


> The below article was published in the biggest daily newspaper in the north
> of Sweden yesterday.
> Biografy on the Net.
> Robert Malecki in Robertsfors Commune has in recent days come out on the
> Internet with is book called Ha Ha Ha McNamara, Vietnam,My Bellybutton is my
> Cristalball.
> Malecki who grow up in a poor area of New York City, in the USA. As a young
> peace activist he demonstated against the presence of the United States in
> Vietnam and was one of those people who took action on the homefront in
> order to sabotage the war. Among other things he destroyed the computer
> network for the company who produced Agent Orange, a deadly chemical weapon
> which was used by the American army against the Vietnamese people. His
> actions led to that the production of this weapon was stopped. Malecki was
> arrested and received 12 years in prison. He was successful in escaping and
> has lived for over 23 years in exile in Sweden, and the last ten years in
> Robertsfors Commun.
> For those who are interested in reading more of Malecki,s biografy you can
> find it at:
> <>
> Today the biggest daily evening newspaper rang and has asked for the book.
> They are thinking about doing something also..
> Warm regards
> malecki in exile
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