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>Godena speaks for many people when he says, "Whatever advances the
>revolution is moral, whatever retards it is immoral," a view that would do
>very well for a nazi.
>Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Seems to me my dear Archangel Rahul that you really miss the point of what
you are saying.  The view that would certainly do very well for a Nazi would
be the very opposite of that expressed by comrade Godena.

A Nazi would say instead:  "Whatever advances the COUNTER-REVOLUTION is
moral, whatever retards it is immoral".  Problem with "eternal moral values
people" like your honour, is that their so called "Marxism" is totally
divorced from the class struggle, i.e., the reality of this world, the "this
sidedness of Marxism" which is so essential to its purpose, as expressed by
Marx in the XIV Thesis on Ludwig Feuerbach.

That is why only communists, who are consistent Marxists and follow Marxist
methods in the class (economical, political and military) struggle, can lead
effectively in the necessary fight against the fascist imperialist
counter-revolution that throttles the small nations and shifts the burden of
the crisis upon the shoulders of the working classes and is driving the
world towards predatory wars, and bloody mass genocide.

Take a good look at the state of the world and see!.  Look at the Middle
East in flames.  Look at Peru, at Colombia where the "armed strikes"
pioneered by the PCP are now taken place.  See the war in Chechnia, in
Bosnia, in Egypt, look at Mexico, look at Nigeria and Liberia in Africa.
The former Soviet Union, and even China where wars and revolutions are not
far off.

What can be more moral than advancing the revolution, the only means of
putting and end to the unmitigated evil of imperialist oppression? What can
be more moral than to prevent these reactionary wars by the only means
possible, revolutionary warfare to make the revolution?

The only reason why you could even think on any moral category that may not
be sacrificed by suffering humanity towards that end, is because you do not
see the GENOCIDE that is being committed to keep going the imperialist
system, the system that you are prepared to see decay and draw millions to
ruin and destitution, so that you can have the comforts you have become
accustommed to, icluding the privilege of having the chance of being able of
taking a moral stand above classes and lecture the rest of us in what you
consider your own concientious virtues!

In other words, my dear Archangel, why not take a plunge back to earth and
join up with suffering humanity?

Get mix-up in their relevant arguments, feel the pain they feel, share the
joy they share, contribute to open their eyes and light their hopes, to
expose, condemn and fight against their enemies, in a massive way, and not
as an individual or a clicque being dragged into the struggle against your
will, thinking only of protecting your investment in yourself and family.

You think the communists are dirty fighters prepared to use any kind of
weapons to advance their personal or group interests, and your are wrong!.
Communists have principles, as high and lofty as the most lofty you may hold

They fight for a high ideal and for a new type of humanity.  Communists then
never can use the sewer rat methods of the Nazis's or the petty bourgeois
and the lumpen when driven into a corner, and if people who call themselves
communists do these things, it is always the authentic communists who would
not tolerate them in their midst for very long, not because they are
"inmoral" in the bourgeois sense, but because these methods, even if this
people may think that they serve the revolution thus, are in fact methods
for harming it, methods that do not in the least advance the revolution.
That is why lumpen methods, petty bourgeois methods, bourgeois methods and
feudal methods, are "inmoral methods" for Marxists.

That is why capitalism is the MOST immoral thing for Marxists at this point
in history.  We are not living in the old capitalism that Marx knew any
more.  We are living in the era of the final collapse of DECAYING capitalism.

This kind of capitalism - unlike capitalism in Marx's time, no longer
advances the revolution in any part of the world, it aims to retard it, it
strives to smash it, to delay it, to put obstacles in its progress and push
back the wheel of history.

Capitalism is now absolutely reactionary, it is imperialist capitalism in
its dying hours and dreaming of taking along as many people as possible into
its own gilded grave, like an ancient Pharaon of gargantuan greed hankering
for an after-life of oriental luxury.

Because this capitalism is a lumpen capitalism, an orgy of gangsters set on
reckless destruction, that Marxists must strive for a revolutionary line,
not a conciliatory one.  A line of struggle, not one of despondency and
splits.  Communist must adhere to principle and unite and not split, be
democratic and not fascistic, be proletarian fighters, and not petty
bourgeois anarchists, be gentlemany in conduct and speech, and not behave or
speak like the lumpen.

That is why true Marxists aim to incarnate Karl Marx, not Khruschev!
To incarnate Lenin, not Trotsky!
To incarnate Chairman Mao, not Deng Xiao-ping!
To incarnate Chairman Gonzalo, not Hugo Blanco!

You see, the founder of the Communist Party of Peru, Jose Carlos Mariategui

"The sincere, noble and elevated spirits in the camp of revolution, are able
to perceive and respect, beyond any theoretical barrier, the historical
solidarity of their efforts and of their works. It is to the mean minded and
shortsighted, to those dogmatic minds that want to petrify life in a rigid
formula that the privilege of lack of understanding and sectarian egotism


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