More kisses to Quispe from Malinki - will he change?

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Fri Apr 26 18:58:52 MDT 1996

Hello debaters (or those who haven't felt sick yet),

Comrades Jay M. and Adolfo O. are right of course:

The support to Mr. Quispe from Mr. Malecki here in
Sweden is of the "kiss of death" kind. Not perhaps
such very deadly ones, since not many can take
"worker-worker" Malinki very seriously. A few good
points he may have, a *little* geniune "proletarian
instinct", but this IMO is quite subordinate to his
main preachings, which are of course ectremely
reactionary. But this "kissing" business gets more
interesting when, as Jay has pointed out, it's reciprocal,
too, with Quispe saying (I don't know to whom):

>Malecki is a honest Comrade. He deserves more respect
>than you. He has not slandered PCP Comrades like you do.

(It's known what kind of people are among those whom
Mr. Quispe calls "PCP Comrades" and "supporters", of course:
for instance Mr. Traficante Politico here in Malmoe.)

Now after I've sent my Info #8en in 5 parts to newsgroups
and 3 of these parts to this list as new contributions to
the debate, not least concerning precisely Mr. Quispe, he
gets some more support from "worker" Malinki, who doesn't
like the political line I represent (and have done since
1974) any more than before:

>In reality Mårtens and company want to see the blood of
>peasants in Peru flowing.

Nice, huh, to come from a person who attacks Mao Zedong and (
according to Jay - I haven't seen that myself) says Gonzalo is 
traitor to the people, and to  be directed against me, who at 
least have tried to make some concrete contributions towards 
supporting the people's war in Peru. And:

>Luis i think you are politically wrong. But you are light
>years away from Mårtens and Adolfo.

I agree on both counts. Only I'd have an "and" instead of the 
"but". Malecki has a so-called "criticism" of me. 

>But never has Mårten said that real solidarity is figthing
>your own swedish imperialists here now

Oh no? That's what I've always been saying. Just read my

In order to get the Swedish imperialists down, its necessary 
to combat their own attacks against the workers and their
(small-time) imperialism and not least it's necessary to
combat their masters in the world, the big-time imperialists
and (formerly, when they appeared as such) the social-
imperialists, of course.

The trotskyite line that Malinki advocates always has been
one which has hepled the U.S. imperialists on many counts and
not least the Soviet social-imperialists of yesterday, who
the Trotskyites didn't even agree *were* bourgeois and
imperialist but said were leading a "workers' state"(!) (even
if a "bureaucratically disfigured" one), and the Russian new
tsars also today.

There have been some "Baader-Meinhof" provocations in this
country, instigated by the intelligence services of the
superpowers. The West German embassy was assaulted and
two people there murdered, on 24.04.1975, in an attempt by
the KGB (or perhaps it was the military conterpart, the GRU)
stir up trouble between the Swedish and the West German
bourgeoisies and not least in order to cause persecution
against the real revoltuionaries in this country and try
to "smoke out" some German such (my then comrades) who were
in exile in Sweden at the time. And there was a kidnapping
attempt in 1977, intended to be a "follow-up" of the one in
1975 but it came to nothing. 

Were these things perhaps helping the Swedish or other
workers? Quite on the contrary. Some of the "Baader-Meinhof"
people may not have known what they were doing and who
were using them as pawns, but that doesn't change the facts.
Malinki writes (I don't know what "Baader-Meinhof" -
conscious or unconscious - provocateurs he refers to):

>Well i was on the side of the Bader Meinhof people.
>That does not mean that i believe that murdering 
>individual capitalist politicians or isolated terrorist
>acts will solve our problems. But I defended these
>militants against the cops and the state.

He may have thought - still think - they were real militants.
If so, he was and is very naive.

Today the Swedish bourgeoisie - at least, the governmental
one - among other things is engaging in an seemngly mad,
extremely reactionary attack on the people: They actually
want to destroy important parts of their own industry -
and everyone knows who'll be asked to pay for *that*, it's
the workers in Sweden iteslf and also the oppressed peoples,
who'll be "requsted" to contibute some more superprofits -
and have put forward the proposal that an entire nuclear
power reactor (one of the 12 existing here, and producing
some 45 of the entire electricity in Seden) be closed and
destroyed before 1998.

Most people - those who don't understand Marxism, at least -
cannot figure out, what might be the motive behind such a
thing. *I* know the - counterrevolutionary and foul - motive, 
and am have been informing everybody I can reach on that count, 
for a long time now. I've taken the initiative for a protest 
campaign against that attempted massive sabotage by the
bourgeois government here.

Where does Malinki stand on this? He *says* he is sceptical
to the (indeed arch-reactionary,  bourgeois) "green" ideology
- and here that little part, in his thinking, which does
include some real working-class intuition seems to show up.
But has he contributed anything towards countering those
foul plans of "our" Swedish government?

I think not! Doesn't he in *fact* support "our" bourgeoisie,
here in Sweden, on this count, too? I very much suspect that
he does. 

If I'm mistaken, ol' Rob Malinki, please tell us about it. 
Then I, as the represtative of the interests of the proletariat 
in this country on this matter, perhaps can make a little alliance, 
on *that* count, at least, with you (too), as a representative of 
a certain (oh-so-"proletarian")trend of revisionist, bourgeois 
politics, against the Right-extremist bourgeois line here. 

Among other things, there's need for a demonstration in Stockholm
against those bourgeois sabotage plans. How about it, want to 
help the (other) workers here out a little and contribute towards
arranging this?

And you also earlier were asking, concerning political
actions in general: "What's in it for me?". Here I can clearly
point to those billions of Swedish crowns which the taxpayers here
- you among them - will have to put up to cover for that sabotage if 
it succeeeds. And I can point to the fact that for the development
of factors for the revolution, too (which you *say* you're for),
it's obviously better to have more industry and more employed 
people in the country than the opposite (which is how the bourgeois 
sabotaging crowd reasons, too).
Rolf M.


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