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On Fri, 26 Apr 96, Barkley Rosser responded to my post, Re: Murders?
on Wed, 24 Apr 96 (11:23PM). Comrade Rosser said,
>This is responding to a posting several days ago by someone whose name
>I did not catch. They were defending Stalin's purges and denying any
>responsibility by him. According to this poster all those killed were
>fairly tried and confessed to various crimes such as being "Trotskyist
>plotters." (Of course it goes without saying that Trotsky must have
>deserved to be assassinated as a "Trotskyist plotter.") This poster
>then challenged people to show that Stalin was behind all this. Well,
>I suggest that whichever dimwit posted this apalling drivel should check
>out Bukharin's _Last Testament_, written by his recently dead widow,
>who spent many years in the gulag. He was tortured and "confessed" to
>save his young wife's life.
>  To: Barkley Rosser, who refers to me as "a dimwit who posted apalling
drival." (Barkley, don't you know how to spell appalling?)
  First of all, my name is, "JOE KOENIGSMAN" [jokoe at]. I live
in North Dakota, but if you wish my personal address, to send me a nasty
letter, let me know, and I'll give it to you. I make this offer, because
your attention span, appears rather slow. I come to this conclusion
because, you obviously didn't read my post. If you had, you'd have seen
my name was clearly stated in text, so all would know who made the
comments. I have no reason to hide who I am, when making comments, and
it's foolish to believe, you can hide attack on a person, by striking at
a ghost. If you don't like what I say, address me head on, and we'll
engage in dialogue to determine what's correct.
  Second, I don't care whether you, or any other person likes Stalin, or
not. Stalin's been dead almost 43 years, but I doubt, you're old enough
to have lived in his era. If you were, you probably, were in pretty
short pants. For your information, I was born in the early 30's, grew up
in WW-II, served in the U.S. military 23 years. I was in Korea in Aug
50, and served twice in Vietnam. In the military, I was subjected to 23
years of intense propaganda BS, and still hear it today from psuedo-
intellectuals, who blindly buy into "right wing" Socio-Psycho-Babble,
and search history books for vague information, to support propaganda.
If anyone had reason to believe the crap about Stalin, it should be me.
After all, I was fed enough crap over the years about the evils of
communism; the commies are coming; and how evil Stalin was. Well, it
ain't so! And, it won't be so, unless they change a lot of history, as
the "right wing" is trying to do. As I said in my post, I'm not a Stalin
apologist, but I don't subscribe to propaganda bull s-it. I've heard too
much of it!
  Third, if you, Carnell, or others wish to point out impropieties that
occured in Russia when Stalin was in power, by all means do so. But get
your facts straignt. And, while you're at it, take time to read what I
said. I never said Stalin didn't have some cupability in the so called
"purge trials" of the 1930's. I merely said he wasn't guilty of murder,
as I keep hearing today. And, Stalin wasn't guilty of murdering 12 to
20 million people. This crap was started by the "John Birchers" after
Stalin died in 1953. In the 50's the Birchers began accusing Stalin of
murdering 1 million people, which put Stalin in catagory of arch fiend
with Hitler. In the 60's, the figure was 4 million, which made him
almost as bad as Hitler, who killed 6 million Jews. Today, the figure is
between 12 to 20 million, which makes Stalin worse than Hitler. And,
less than a month ago, a "right winger" told me, "Hey, did you know,
Stalin murdered 30 million people. I'm sure after they convince everyone
Stalin was the devil incarnate, they'll try to tell us, "Hitler was a
saint!" Well, it's a bunch of bull s-it!
  Forth, regarding "purge trials" in the 30's; if you're going to blame
Stalin for execution of Bukharin and others, you better start blaming
Trotsky too. He brought them on. I've never justified the trials, and
executions, or said they were fair. But, what's fair? There hasn't been
a fair trial in this country since it began. Dr. Samual Mudd was sent to
Devil's Island for fixing a broken leg when Lincoln was shot. You don't
blame Andrew Johnson. Private Slovak faced the firing squad in WW-II,
because he couldn't pull a trigger. You don't blame Eisenhower; he could
have commutted the sentence. In Minot, ND during the 1980's, a wealthy
psychitrist named Dr. Rowe, beat a 16 year old boy to death in front of
500 witnesses, for sitting on his car fender. He was exonerated, without
a day in jail, and never lost his licence to practice.  No one blamed
Reagan. Well, you can't blame Stalin for the "purge trials" and the end
results without blaming Trotsky also. There was a power struggle in
Russia, and if it went the other way, Bukharin would've helped Trotsky
purge all of Stalin's followers.
  Fifth, I never said, or implied Trotsky deserved to be killed. But, I
will say, there's absolutely no proof, that Stalin ordered Trotsky's
assassination. Trotsky wasn't assassinated. He was murdered, by his
personal assistent Jacques Dreschd, who'd been having heated arguments,
with Trotsky, for a long time before the murder. In 1940, Trotsky no
longer had any following, and was no danger to Stalin in exile. If
the NKDV killed Trotsky, on orders from Stalin, they'd have shot him,
not chop him up with an axe. If you, or anyone else have any proof to
the contrary, I'd like to see it. You may dislike Stalin, for what ever
reason you wish, but your statement that Stalin was responsible for
Trotsky's death is nothing more than bull s-it and conjecture.
  Finally, your defense of Trotsky and Bukharin, clearly reveals your
slanted thinking. Trotsky was an elitist opportunist a--hole who wanted
to take over the people's revolution "for his own ends." In my mind, he
wasn't even a good Marxist. He began as a Social Democrat, and then
betrayed them, vacillating between Bolshevism and Menshevism for years.
  In March, 1917, after Czar Nicholas was deposed, Trotskey hurried back
to Russia and joined Lenin as a Bolshevk. As people's commissar under
Lenin, he negotiated the humilating Brest-Litovsk treaty with Germany
forcing Russia to give up the Baltic States, Georgia, Ukraine, and
Belorussia; and cede Kars, Ardahan, and Batum to Turkey. While holding
position of trust, Trotsky opposed Lenin whenever he could, and when he
reorganized the red army, Trotsky began placing ex-tzarist officers,
loyal to him, in army commands. His first break with Stalin began, when
Stalin, under orders from Lenin, had the untrustworthy tzarist officers
removed from army command positions.
  Because of conflicts with Lenin, Trotsky was not selected by the
communist party to head Russia, when Lenin died in 1925. But, Kamenev,
Trotsky's brother-inlaw, was picked with Zinoviev to head a triumvirate
over Russia, with Stalin at head as secretary general. Trotsky
continued to fill secondary posts in the Russian government, but his
constant plotting, to overthrow the the government, and gain power lead
to the fall of Kamenev, and Zinoviev; and eventually to murder of Sergei
Kirov, with intent to eliminate Stalin, and take over the government.
  This brought on the "purge trials" and Bukharin was implicated, because
he supported the plot. As for lower level Trotsky followers in the red
army, and government, who were purged, and sent to Siberia, you better
read about the Soviet Army 13th Corps, which defected to Hitler's NAZIs
in WW-II, and fought against Russia. It might enlighten you.

                         Joe Koenigsman [jokoe at]

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