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Sat Apr 27 04:05:19 MDT 1996

>   Sally Ryan made some statement indicating a negative view
>towards morals or morality. Rahul responded to Sally, and then
>went on to say:
>>Godena speaks for many people when he says, "Whatever advances the
>>revolution is moral, whatever retards it is immoral," a view that would do
>>very well for a nazi.
>   Apparently when Godena speaks for "many people," he doesn't
>speak for Rahul. But as far as this quotation goes, he speaks for me.
>And I don't think I'm a "nazi."

That's exactly what I meant. He speaks for plenty of ostensibly reasonable
non-nazi types like yourself who long ago uncritically accepted a
disjuncture between pragmatism and ethics, presumably because you thought
that trumpeting a "scientific" Marxism was the most important thing to do.

How's this for a Trotsky quote:

"The fundamental evil of the capitalist system is not the extravagance of
the possessing classes, however disgusting that may be in itself, but the
fact that in order to guarantee its right to extravagance the bourgeoisie
maintains its private ownership of the means of production, thus condemning
the economic system to anarchy and decay." The Revolution Betrayed

To believe it then simply required dogmatism and a lack of appreciation for
freedom -- if you believe it now, there are worse words that apply.


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