The Professors' Plaintive Wail

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Sat Apr 27 13:52:55 MDT 1996

>Today's academic is infinitely more likely to be just a run of the mill
>ass-kisser whose unctuous habits of puckering up have already been
>established by the second year of graduate school.  On the other hand, the
>proverbial "Mr Chips", the lovable but eccentric genius, is much better
>represented in novels and psychiatric care units than in the ivy-covered
>walls of academia.

I loved this post. It was well-written, funny and gave the feel of what many
of us in trades think of the academy. It was so good, it almost made me
forget your unwarranted attacks on our non-academic "professors".

Dialectically, though, we have to support these academic wailers in their


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