The Professors' Plaintive Wail

Sat Apr 27 15:39:31 MDT 1996

     Well, as a tenured prof, I am not going to go
on at any great length to defend my colleagues.  Much
of what Louis Godena has to say has validity.  (Gee,
I don't even know how to spell!  Is it "drival" or "drivel"?)
     But, make no mistake, in many places in the US the
outcome of the adoption of post-tenure review, and this
is going on at many institutions around the country including
mine, will not be some effort to get deadwood profs to publish
or become more interesting in the classroom, much less more
progressive in their politics.  No, at least on this campus
everybody knows that it is going to be used against those whom
the administration does not like politically.  The loud sound
of puckering around here has already disgustingly begun.
     BTW, I most certainly do not support the firing of
older millwright workers.
Barkley Rosser
Dept. of Economics
James Madison University (soon to be a community college)
Somewhere near, :-)

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