Job Security. Was Professor's Plaintive Wail

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Apr 27 16:27:41 MDT 1996

    Tenure is becoming mostly a joke, as more and more faculty are tempsmp
or contingents or adjuncts etc. But job security of *any* part of the
work force is worth fighting for.

Sallly writes:

> Godena:
> >Today's academic is infinitely more likely to be just a run of the mill
> >ass-kisser whose unctuous habits of puckering up have already been
> >established by the second year of graduate school.  On the other hand, the
> >proverbial "Mr Chips", the lovable but eccentric genius, is much better
> >represented in novels and psychiatric care units than in the ivy-covered
> >walls of academia.
> I loved this post. It was well-written, funny and gave the feel of what many
> of us in trades think of the academy. It was so good, it almost made me
> forget your unwarranted attacks on our non-academic "professors".
> Dialectically, though, we have to support these academic wailers in their
> struggle.
> Sally
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