A few thoughts about morality and drugs

Knaife at aol.com Knaife at aol.com
Sun Apr 28 01:02:37 MDT 1996

Any question of "the morality of illicit drugs" is dumb.  There has been
reasonably good marxian analysis of the "war on drugs" on this list before
that was much better than that.  The particular drugs which have been
illegalized by this governement at this time in history are hardly the things
we should accept as inherently evil.  If people were not desparately in pain,
they probably wouldn't be taking so many mind-numbing and euphoria-producing
chemicals, and if public money was spent to provide treatment to those who
want it, it would be much more sensible.  In the mean time, more people die
>from alcohol in this country every year than all the illegal drug-related
deaths put together, including the gang wars.  Which still doesn't hold a
candle to the death, pain, suffering and medical expense of tobacco...

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