Supporting Erwin on academic freedom

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Sun Apr 28 01:52:48 MDT 1996

Without getting into the details of the US tenure system, I just want
to say a word of support for Erwin's call in so far as it affects
academic freedom.

Last year Erwin came in for a lot of flack from a former student
on the grounds that he was in the eyes of his critic some sort of
fuddy duddy reformist professor.

I just want to say, whatever skirmishing goes on, and will continue
to go on, on this l'st between generations, and between those who
are outside the academic system and those who try, no doubt with many
compromises and mistakes, to maintain a space for marxist perspectives,
it is vital to unite to support the preservation of any space we have
in the academic world for the serious application of marxist ideas.

Unfortunately I am not in a position to do so myself, but I wanted to
add my voice to encourage those who are, to do anything they can to keep
such openings open.

Chris B, London.

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