A few thoughts about morality and methods

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Apr 28 02:21:49 MDT 1996

Zeynep wrote:
>Finally, a last note: For example drug smuggling, pornography and
>prostitution would be out as ways to "feed and cloth" the revolution. But,
>if the Peruvian revolutionaries want to print counterfeit Dollars, I ain't

I think the problem here is that both you and adolfo are taking a moral
position on this question. When the original question was posed about a
"drug economi" i think that both you first addressed this veiw that you have
on the question and Aldolfo was quick to pat you on the back.

It is not that i am for a drug economi or prostitution or what ever. But the
problem in this case is that there is! a drug economi in both columbia and
Peru today. The question for revolutionaries is how do we try and approach
what is real and deal with it.

I think my position was something like; Why not-oil money or drug
money-whats the difference. I really believe that both oil and drugs
certainly generate profits which are invested and reinvested and so on. As
to whether drug money or oil money is more dirty then the other. Well i
would say that oil money causes much more harm to the proletariat and the
poor then drug money. But?

I guess the point is that this question should be taken more seriously then
the for or against kind of stuff. I think that it is a legitimate question
an will cause much blood shed in these countries unless communist have a
line on it.

The golden triangle has not stopped producing opium as far as i know. And
both "communists" and "capitalists" have controlled some of these areas..

But the peasants are still growing opium and getting paid for it.

This also raises the debate that has been going on with the gays on this
list. What rights do communist have in relation to people drugging
themselves? Does it really make any differnce wether it is acolhol, the coco
leaf- or what ever.

I think that this whole issue should be taken far more seriouly then it
appears to be on the list. I assume that drugs in Latin America deriving
>from peasants growing something is a substantial economic reality. Perhaps
more then the Mcdonalds cattle in Argentina..

Now i have really put my foot in my mouth again.I just can,t wait to hear
Aldolfo accusing me of wanting to turn on all of the poor and working class
kids in the world to cocaine or something.

malecki in exile..

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