Rolf Mårtens Maoism!

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Sun Apr 28 02:50:21 MDT 1996

>Rolf Mårtens is at it again. He has posted a long document in five parts all 
>over the net. 
>He is openly becoming the spokesman for little German and Swedish 
>imperialism. In fact he goes even futher then that. His line his a left 
>maoist cover for rearming Germany!
>Anybody who can still defends Mårtens on this list will they please come 
>forward and speak..
>malecki in exile...

Mr. Malecki, whatever Rolf Martens may advocate or not - you are turning his
ideas upside down with the only aim of attacking Maoism - it is you who are
really the most despicable reactionary provocateur!

I'll take ten Rolf Martens, before I would stand a Malecki, and that for a
Marxist, hardly needs theoretical demonstration.  While Martens may have
ideas I can not share, you are an anarchist to the last of your bones.  A
totally useless and dangerous proposition for any serious revolutionary

However, you are welcome to take along with you all the anarchists that
disguise themselves as "Maoists".  We are now in the process of making a
house clearance of that kind of stock from Maoist ranks.  That is in the
best tradition of Karl Marx and the I International.  

Maybe we would send them along to be "in exile" with you and then you will
have a couple of extra lumpen to help you organise your next meat riot. 

A "real" party for you, Mr. Malecki! Or maybe, just help for you in
promoting your book about pimping and drug dealing for the Vietnamese

Adolfo Olaechea

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