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Sun Apr 28 03:37:07 MDT 1996


	You wrote:

I am getting really sick of your constant slurs on various Third Worlders.
Why don't you take this racist crap somewhere else? While you're doing
that, maybe you could read a book about how the global economy works before
subjecting us to any more of your bigoted, ignorant pro-Western ravings."

	Do you drink late at night?  What is your major defect?  I was not
slandering anyone.  It's no slander to say that coca grows in Peru, is it?
It's no slander to say that opium grows in Turkey, is it?   It's no slander
to say that there is an illicit trade in both, is it?

	I was simply making a hypothetical where, if Peru was backed to the
wall, her leaders might have to consider some connection with the drugs
trade.  It's a hypothetical, Rahul, that means that it's not real, and we all
know it, see, but we talk about it like it was real.  Clearly the Colombian
government has a relationship with the narco-trade, however twisted.  This is
no slight on the Colombian people.  I stated quite clearly that I knew that
connection to the narco-trade was used as a slander against the PCP.

	You are completely off base, as you were last time you accused me of
insulting the Mexican people.


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